NHS Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is funding a new minor injuries treatment scheme that provides patients with the right care closer to home and could save them a wait at A&E.

Most Milton Keynes GP practices have signed up to the scheme which offers treatment for minor injuries including:
• Sprains to hands, arms, legs, feet
• Minor Bruises
• Minor Burns – scalds and blisters
• Lacerations and Minor Head Injuries –cuts, wounds, scratches and bumps to the head

Care is provided by reassuring staff in a familiar setting with appointments being given on the day. The service will also help GP practices to position themselves as the place of choice for accessing good all-round healthcare and support that meets the needs of local families.

Dr Luke James, a partner at Newport Pagnell Medical Centre and a GP Board member at NHS MK CCG said: “I think it is reassuring for patients to know that their local GP practice is in a position to help them deal with minor injuries that would otherwise mean a longer journey for them to the MK Urgent Care Centre or A&E. People are seen quickly by familiar faces in a place they know.”

Patients should telephone their GP practice to find out whether they are taking part in the scheme. Click here for more details.

If you need the service you can just walk in, but it is advisable to call ahead if possible.

Patients should continue to go to A&E in serious or life-threatening emergencies including:
• Suspected bone fractures
• Loss of consciousness
• Acute confused state and fits that are not stopping
• Persistent, severe chest pain
• Breathing difficulties
• Severe bleeding that cannot be stopped