Youth development plan

Great Linford Parish Council acknowledges the need to engage more effectively with the young people of the Parish between the ages of 12 and 18 in order to ensure that there is range of opportunities for them within the Parish that will support their personal, educational and social development

Summer of Fun

The objective of the Summer of Fun program is to coordinate, promote and enable other organisations to run summer programmes within the parish for the benefit of our parishioners. The GLPC Summer of Fun program was first held in 2009 and is expected to run each year through the schools summer holiday period. GLPC promotes all current summer programs within the parish boundary as well as identifying and encouraging additional organisations to run summer programs using the facilities of this Parish, ie the sports fields and pavilions.

The Summer of Fun program includes activities which are suitable for all age groups.

Gyosei Art

Residents have been asked for their views on the creation of a public art trail along the Grand Union Canal after GLPC were awarded £61,000 for the project, paid by the developer of the Gyosei School playing fields at Willen Park. This money can only be spent on public art near the former Japanese School and must be spent by September 2014.

Currently, the Parish has no public art but it is envisaged that together we can build a fun, even funky, art trail that will enhance the environment and encourage even more people to walk along the canal. The intended sites of the new artworks on the canal are between Portway and Monks Way, adjacent to Willen Park, Downhead Park Bolbeck Park and Pennyland

Dragon’s Den – formerly known as participatory budgeting

Residents are invited to vote for the community groups and local charities within the parish that they want to receive grant monies from GLPC. This enables groups to bid for funds and for the residents to have a say in the spending decisions within the local community.
Any community group or charity can bid for funds, as long as a project benefits the local community.

Marsh Drive and Downs Barn Pavilion

Under the community asset transfer scheme, GLPC has put in a bid to take on Marsh Drive (Great Linford) Pavilion and Downs Barn Pavilion. There are many aspects to a good pavilion but mainly it should serve the current and future needs of the community and its user groups. It should also be attractive, high quality, efficient, economical to maintain and give value for money.
Addressing issues such as design, site, orientation, composition, accommodation, size and arrangement of spaces, flexibility, sustainability, energy performance, materials, robustness, security and costs will need to be done by GLPC to ensure these two pavilions best serve the community who use them.

Downs Barn Youth Club

The Downs Barn Youth Club is open on Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm for children between the ages of 12-17. There is a weekly programme of events, these vary from cooking to healthy eating, information, advice and guidance on a variety of topics, sporting activities as well as playing pool, karaoke, computer games and table football.