The success of its allotment operation is something that the parish is proud of.  As well as being a very ‘green’ thing to do, the parish believes that an allotment provides a healthy way of life for people of all ages, and is very much a ‘family’ thing. Allotments are also a very organic way (forgive the pun!) of creating a thriving community among like minded people.

There is an Allotment Association made up of plotholders, which you can join. The Association helps to organise and regulate allotment life, but also has a social side, principally the annual Produce Show which is very successful.  This not only provides some friendly competition among plotholders, but is a great fun day out for all the family to look forward in August.

When you take on an allotment plot through Great Linford Parish Council, you join a community that works – by all plotholders being mindful of some very simple but useful rules.

Great Linford Parish Council has made great strides in providing additional allotment sites for residents of the Parish to use.  Currently, there are sites at Sandy Close,  Hills Close, Gifford Gate (Great Linford), Armourer Drive (Neath Hill),  Bells Meadow (Willen Park), and Larkspur Avenue, Conniburrow.

What will it cost?

An allotment plot is rented out on an annual basis.  Great Linford Parish Council charges a modest rent per plot.  Plots are based on an ancient measure called a ‘pole’, equivalent to around 25 square metres.  Keeping an allotment can be hard work until you get into the swing of things, but you only get out of an allotment plot what you put into it.  For its part, Great Linford Parish Council provides you with the ground, and with some simple rules to observe.

GLPC also provides the organisational framework within which allotment sites operate, and a safe and secure facility.

What you can and should not do…

There are some rules that plotholders agree to when they become plotholders.  The main ones are that you must use a watering can not a hosepipe, you can’t burn anything and you must be proud of the products of your hard work!

Full details can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

Email to apply for an allotment

Allotment Waiting List Policy

Allotment Tenants Handbook

Tenancy Agreement Terms & Conditions

Useful link: National Allotment Society Website is a mine of information and has printable leaflets on how to deal with issues, for example drainage which is particularly troublesome for some of our sites with clay soil.  Click here to view the leaflet on flooding and drainage.