St Peter’s Church Gets a Make-over!

Visitors to the church at Stanton Low during July will have noticed a flurry of activity by a team of specialist conservation builders, working on behalf of Milton Keynes Council, to prepare the church for its new role as an attraction in the new Stanton Low Park.

The concrete capping has been removed from the walls and replaced with environmentally friendly turf. The medieval squint has been rebuilt and the existing stonework has been cleared of damaging vegetation, repaired and re-pointed. In addition, two skip-loads of rubbish have been taken away, sadly none of it of historical interest!

Most noticeable is the clearing away of all the old brambles and weeds from the perimeter, exposing the gravestones and showing the brick wall, which was part of the 17th century Manor House built by Sir John Wittewronge. The church originally built in the 10th century then became his family’s private chapel.

Two large stones will mark the entrance to the church to deter vehicles and the protective fence will be removed. Once the work is completed the church will be transferred to The Parks Trust. Plans for the future include a survey of the gravestone and more clearing of the rubble in the churchyard to encourage wildlife.

Looking ahead to the Festive Season we usually hold a carol service with mulled wine and mince pies in December so look out for details later!!

More information, photographs and a timeline of the history of the church and the Manor House can be found on

During the Milton Keynes Heritage Open Days there will be two walks, one in the morning and one in the evening, organised by the Save St Peter’s Group on Thursday 10th Sept.The walks will look at the Church at Stanton Low and the Lost Gardens of Great Linford. Details of where to park and timings will be on the website

Then on Sunday 13th Sept from noon we will be holding a Family Funday at the church to celebrate the conservation work. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic, refreshments and cakes will be available and games organised. More information on the website