Linda Johns – Artist’s biography and work

Linda Johns

Linda is inspired by how we experience our world and what science (particularly quantum physics) can tell us about it. Much of her work explores energy rather than solidity. Making sculpture using metal rods, fine wires, and natural materials, she places these seemingly delicate structures in forests and other natural environments. The sculptures are glimpsed from the corner of your eye, there/not there, as you pass by and see them from different angles. Their interaction with light, weather, and their surroundings, that some people will see them and others pass them by, has also led her to consider what inspires myth.

When she first began making these ephemeral sculptures, she looked for a way to create forms strong enough to hold their shape but using the minimum of material. Observing spiders weaving their webs, she realised this was exactly what she was looking for.

Linda’s artwork for Gyosei – Arachne weaves

Seeing the twinned trunks of the tree in which the sculpture can be found and thinking about the theme of Insects and Invertebrates, inspired Linda to look again at spider webs. In recreating these amazing structures for the Gyosei Art Trail, she has used the brace line between the tree trunks as a structural point for the two webs, just as a spider would take advantage of what it finds to weave its web across.

The title ‘Arachne weaves’ refers to the myth of a mortal who was turned into a spider for daring to say her skill at weaving was greater than Athena’s. I hope this sculpture will encourage visitors to look again at spiders and the beauty they create, perhaps story-telling a new myth of the spider which spins stainless steel webs.”

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