Bike Scheme Vandalism

The Santander Cycles MK cycle hire scheme has seen unprecedented levels  of vandalism over the last week and is now at risk.   Currently an estimated 271 bikes have been damaged or stolen, with a further 87 bikes having been  written off/scrapped. This represents an estimated value of over £200,000 so far and accounts for  well over 50 per cent of the bike fleet as things stand.
The type of damage being seen is serious and has involved use of heavy duty tools including angle grinders and pick axes:

. Damaging the bike computer and/or bike computer wires
. Destroying bike lights and slashing tyres
. Cutting bikes in half and/or cutting off handlebars
. Wilful sabotage of bike parts

In order to keep the scheme functioning over the short term we are implementing the following  actions:

Temporary closure of 20 outer docking stations (see below list), until sufficient bike inventory is available to restock.

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Why we don’t want to lose this Bike Hire Scheme:
With over 40 docking stations and 300 bikes, whether you’re riding to meet friends, commuting or just for fun, Santander Cycles MK will help get you there.

Why is the scheme important?

>300 cycles available for hire from 42 docking stations across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area
>Cyclists can make use of the 169.3-mile ‘Redway’ network to avoid roads on most journeys
>It’s easy to rent a bike – simply use the Santander Cycles MK app, the bike’s computer or call 020 8166 9851
>Cycles are available to rent 365 days a year
>You can rent up to four cycles at the same time
>You can return your bike at any official Santander Cycles MK docking station
>Santander Cycles MK members can rent bikes from all nextbike schemes worldwide (local usage charges apply). Find out more at