Dear Resident

What’s in it for me?

As you will know, there is no community building on Redhouse Park for the use of residents. The developers of your estate opted not to build one, preferring to use the land for housing. Instead, they have given money towards the building of such a facility in vicinity of the site. It should be noted that the money can only be used for this purpose and if not used will be returned to the developer.

Great Linford Parish Council are applying for this money to help develop a new community building at the Marsh Drive Sports ground, which is only half a mile from the junction of Top Fair Furlong and Wolverton Road and could serve the needs of Redhouse Park and neighbouring estates.

To help us plan how the building can meet your needs, we would like to hear how you might want to use the building and the sort of activities you would like to see run there.  We would really appreciate it, if you can take a few moments to help us get it right by completing the brief questionnaire overleaf either by:

by downloading (click here) & completing it, scan/photograph the completed form and email to:
• posting in the temporary mailbox fixed to the Parish noticeboard in the Play Park or
• returning it to us at the Parish Office.

Please let us have your views by 21/10/18.

Thank you in anticipation.

Great Linford Parish Council


Information on Funding for Marsh Drive:

When developers build new houses, it is recognised that the development will have an impact on the local community. For example, the growth in the local population might lead to greater pressure on schools, medical, social or sports facilities or an increase in traffic. Local Planning Authorities can therefore use Section 106 Agreements to require developers to pay for projects to help manage the impact of their developments.
These agreements are negotiated between the Planning Authority and the developer under the Government’s National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF), which sets out the Government’s planning policies and how they should be delivered
Most Section 106 Agreements are straightforward and specify exactly what the money is for, e.g. ‘providing new play equipment at the village hall’. Councils may not use Section 106 money for purposes other than specified.
One of the Section 106 Agreements that Milton Keynes Council have agreed with the developers of Redhouse Park is money “towards the provision of off-site community facilities in lieu of the providing the Community Hall”. Note: the money is towards the provision, i.e. there is no inference that the money alone will be sufficient to complete the project.

GLPC would like to use this money to combine with other sources of funding to create a much improved sports, social and community hub at Marsh Drive. Milton Keynes Council have confirmed that GLPC is eligible to apply for this funding as part of the Marsh Drive redevelopment project to help provide the off-site community facilities for which the money is provided. Marsh Drive has been chosen because GLPC own the site and current facilities and because of its closeness to Redhouse Park.

GLPC are acutely aware that the community facilities within the parish currently fall well short of the needs of such a large settlement (the only other facilities we own are the Parish Office and a small cricket pavilion). We have been informed by the management teams of other community facilities in the area, that they are fully used for most of the time with very little opportunity for new users to book them.

GLPC is the Parish Council that covers 11 residential communities one of which is Redhouse Park. Parish Council facilities such as Marsh Drive are available for all local residents to use and we are working closely with organisations such as Great Linford FC, MK Dons Ladies FC and Great Linford Tennis club to ensure sports and recreational opportunities are available for people of all ages and abilities regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Our current consultation with Redhouse Park is to try and ensure that anything we do build will (within the funding available) meet the needs of Redhouse Park residents. However, the project is not only dependent on the Section 106 funds from the RHP development and we are working hard to secure funding from other sources in order to make the project successful. By working together and combining funds we have the opportunity to provide something really worthwhile for all residents of North East Milton Keynes. The alternative is little or no change.