Just to remind everyone there is a meeting tomorrow at the Marle Inn regarding the Linford Lakes development. The open meeting is from 12.30pm to 7.30pm. The Parish Council has not received any new information but we have received some clarification from the Parks Trust as the original information from the developer implied that the Parks Trust already had an agreement in place. This is not correct. The following is some clarification from the Parks Trust:

“In response to Templeview Development’s statement about an extension to the River Valley Park, The Parks Trust has informed the Parish Council that no agreement exists between The Parks Trust and Templeview regarding this development. The Parks Trust has been informed by Templeview of their intention to submit a planning application but The Parks Trust has seen no details of the proposed development in advance of the public exhibition on 21st June. The Parks Trust has further stated that it would only consider accepting an offer to take on an extension to the Ouse Valley Linear Park at Linford Lakes if the park extension had received planning approval.”