Exhibition by Danescroft with Redhouse Park residents and others, which is required as part of the planning application process.

The exhibition at 4pm-8pm on the October 25th at the Parish Office is a pre planning application consultation


The land was owned by Welcome Break who made two planning applications in 2013.  One for the redevelopment of the hotel and construction of their HQ building alongside the Motorway Services Area. Another concurrent application was made to build 51 dwellings on the remaining land behind the hotel and HQ. Both developments were approved by the MK Council Development Control Committee on Thursday 6th February 2014.  The approval included 20% affordable housing and a total S106 contribution of £375,776 toward Hospital facilities, Early years and Primary education, Transport and Allotments. Nothing was included for a community hall.

Great Linford Parishes Council were not party to the preparation of the S106 budget and Cllrs Allan Calverley and David Stabler commented in a report to GLPC on the 14th February 2014:

“The debate about S106 was a shambles; the NHS gets a cut, as do MKC education services and of course Arriva but the Redhouse Park community is left with no tangible on-site or local community benefit.”

Although the application was approved the S106 agreement was not signed.  The matter remained unresolved for 3 years and a letter was sent to the applicant on the 22nd November 2016 saying that in accordance with Article 40 of the Town & Country Planning Act Policy the application was deemed to be “finally disposed of”. No reply was received so the application was “finally disposed of” and removed from the Statutory Register.
The previously approved application will be a material consideration in considering any new application by Danescroft and DCC is more than likely to approve a similar application with similar S 106 terms unless these can be amended by GLPC.

Full detail of the application for the PREVIOUS 2013 PLAN is available on the MKC planning web site by using the reference number 13/01607.