The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan referendum held on Thursday 11th February 2016 was successful with over 83% of those who turned out voting overwhelmingly in favour of adopting the North and South Plans!  Thank you to all those residents who voted.

The Plans to ensure that new developments are built in line with needs and wishes of local people will now be adopted by Milton Keynes Council. These Plans are the result of joint collaboration of the Parish Council with you the community and the outcome reflects the hard work put in.

What is The Neighbourhood Plan?

A vision for the area setting out policies for the new developments such as homes, shops and offices. A vision on what these developments should look like and which green spaces we most want to protect.  The plan sets out policies to cover the following important aspects:


Sports and Leisure

Wellbeing and Open Spaces

Getting Around

Business Opportunities and Employment

Education and Personal Development

Heritage and Arts

Shops and Services

To find out more please click on the full document: North Plan   South Plan


Building the neighbourhood plan started in 2012.  Consultation workshops were held after information was compiled from the answers on questionnaires completed by residents.  Along with planning experts two plans were created, North and South, as it was found that each area has different issues and therefore different policies were required, tailored to specifically deal with these issues.  These plans meet all the statutory requirements. 

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ARCHIVE:  Previous Neighbourhood Plan information

Milton Keynes Council publishes the Great Linford Neighbourhood Plans North and South GLNP North and South Publicity summary document July 2015

In the summer we started the process of creating our own Neighbourhood Development Plans by consulting extensively with the community to seek your views on a range of issues. The ideas generated and concerns raised have now been brought together in our draft Plans. These plans enable our community to have a say, in where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, what gets built, where and when.

The issues and demographics across the whole of the parish were too diverse for a single cohesive plan with a truly local focus. Therefore, in November 2013, an application to re-designate the single plan into two distinct plan areas was made as follows:

South    Bolbeck Park, Conniburrow, Downhead Park, Downs Barn, Neath Hill, Pennyland, Tongwell and Willen Park. To read a copy of the draft South Plan Click here (To view the South Appendices click here)

North   Blakelands, Giffard Park, Great Linford and Redhouse Park. To read a copy of the draft North Plan Click here (To view the North Appendices click here)

The next stage is to show residents and community and business groups what the plans look like. These plans have the potential to play a supporting role in economic growth, improving people’s quality of life and protecting the natural environment over the next twenty years. When complete, the Great Linford Neighbourhood Development Plans will have statutory force and form part of the Local Development Plan.

Your views are extremely important to us and consultation days were held across the Parish to give residents the opportunity to view, discuss and comment on the plans

Neighbourhood Plan explanation

Your community, your future, your say!