Studio Chehade was founded in 2012 by Daniel Chehade and works for a range of clients including Alan Kitching, Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Phaidon Press, The Hayward Gallery and the University of Arts London. Daniel previously taught at the University of Hertfordshire as a visiting lecturer for over six years and runs occasional workshops and talks throughout the year.

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Daniel’s artwork for ROCLA

Daniel has designed and created a Pipe Bench in conjunction with the Soundbench commission with Saffron Summerfield to provide a suitable seat from a concrete pipe that will be installed on the north side of the Pond area in Hambledines. Research into the site’s history and location bedside the lake immediately and heavily informed the concept and final design. Enjoying the natural environment that is already present on location was important to me. I also imagined forgotten and broken concrete pipes left behind after Rocla Pipes moved out and Redhouse Park built. A concrete Pipe bench could be used for sitting, climbing and interacting with. These playful apparatus would also provide natural habitats for wildlife beneath.

The photograph shows the first bench installed and if you look carefully through the pipe you can see the second bench being moved into place. In a few weeks when the weather is more conducive to laying turf, the area will be finished. The Solar Audio Post with the Saffron’s soundscape will be installed in July.