Attending Parish Council Meetings

All parish council meetings are open to the public (unless councillors decide to exclude the public for reasons of confidentiality, which very rarely happens).   Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings.   Only items listed on this agenda will be discussed. If you have comments about any other subject please contact the Parish Manager or ring the office on 01908 606613

If you wish to speak on an item:

Please make yourself known to the clerk or to the chairman of the meeting, before it begins.

At the start of the meeting the Chair will ask how many people wish to speak, will determine how long public question time will be and then will allocate a time period for each person to speak .
Please appreciate that the agendas are always busy and the Cllrs will have a lot of items to review , like you they are giving up their spare time and so for fairness to all involved time will be restricted.

Public question time requires a suspension of the standing order so that you can speak on the item which is concerning you.  Once you have made your points the chairman will ask the councillors if they wish to ask you any questions and, if they do, you can reply to those questions.   The chairman will then resume standing orders and the council will then debate the item. You do not have any right to speak during this debate. The only exception would be if a councillor, through the chair, wishes to put another question to you.

Planning Issues

Most people who want to speak to the parish council want to talk on planning applications. Some things to bear in mind:

The parish council is not the planning authority. We do not decide planning applications, Milton Keynes Council (MKC) do that, we only recommend to them what we think they should decide and they can (and do) choose to ignore us.

If you are objecting it is very important that you write to MKC as well as coming to our meeting. You can do this through (planning portal website )

We can only object to an application on valid planning grounds so please don’t be disappointed if we don’t comment on issues you regard as important but which, by law, aren’t relevant.