You may have seen this logo on signs in windows and on lampposts within MK. Neighbourhood Watch is based on the idea of an active community working in partnership with the police and having a shared value focused on bringing local people together. At its simplest, it’s about like-minded neighbours getting together to make their community safer – by reporting crime, anti-social and suspicious behaviour, for example – but, just as importantly, looking out for each other.

Membership is free and it’s simple to set a scheme up.

There are over 500 schemes in the Milton Keynes area, some as small as a cluster of six houses. Members receive window stickers and access to a variety of safety and crime prevention equipment at reduced prices. There is no need for formal meetings but many schemes find it beneficial to forge links with their Police Community Support team, their Parish Council, Neighbourhood Action Groups and Residents Association.

Each scheme needs a volunteer Co-ordinator who is the prime link between the members, police and the Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Watch Association (MKNHWA). The latter is a committee providing support to members. The Co-ordinator’s role is not demanding – a fact sheet is available which explains it in more detail.

Interested? Email for more information about the schemes and the role of the Co-ordinator. And please check the MKNHWA website for information and contacts specifically for the Milton Keynes area.