Officers in Milton Keynes and the Community Safety Partnership- Safer MK ask that residents are careful around the water during the summer period. It is not advisable to swim or play in the water in Milton Keynes. Please be aware that:

• 60% of all drowning incidents occur in canals, lakes and rivers.
• You can drown in just a few centimetres of water.
• If you fall or jump into the water, the cold will shock your body, making your muscles seize up
so that you can’t move.
• You could easily cut yourself on rubbish or rocks and you may become ill due to bacteria in the

TVP would like the residents in Milton Keynes to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. However, the only safe place to swim is in a swimming pool. The water is clean, clear and warm. There are life guards on hand if something goes wrong. If you witness people swimming in the lakes, ponds, the river or canal, call Thames Valley Police on 101. In an emergency call 999.

It is not a criminal offence to swim in public water in Milton Keynes, however officers ask that people take particular care of their safety:
• Do not swim in deep water or in areas where you believe there to be strong tides
• Do not jump off high platforms
• Always assess the area which you are going to swim in; check that you’re not on private
property and that the water looks to be safe
• Always try to swim with others and look out for each other when you’re in the water.

Please enjoy the outdoors in a responsible manner and remain safe.