Statement by MKCMS Ltd January 2016

It is with regret that we inform you that following the statement issued on 2 December 2015 there was no significant improvement in the financial situation of the service operating as Mediation Works MK. The company has insufficient assets to meet its obligations and has therefore commenced the process of winding up.

A liquidator has been asked to arrange meetings of the members and the creditors which will take place on 4 February. The staff have already been made redundant but in the period until the meetings it may be still be possible to contact us through volunteers attending the office.

Without adequate public funding it has not been possible to continue to provide a free mediation service to the community in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area and we have been unable to establish sufficient new sources of income or make sufficient reductions in the cost of the service in its current form quickly enough to survive.

We should like to thank all the councils, police forces, housing associations, schools, funders, trainers and other organisations that we have worked with over the years in order to enable us to resolve about 5,000 disputes over a 23 year period. This would not have been possible without the effort and commitment of the volunteer mediators who have made available their time and abilities to be trained and to carry out the mediations.

It is to be hoped that it will be possible for an alternative service to provide community mediations in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area in the near future.


The Directors/Trustees MKCMS Ltd    

Do you need support?

 Are you involved in an uncomfortable situation?

 Do you feel angry, frightened, intimidated & isolated?

Does the other person know how you feel?

 Have you tried talking to whoever else is involved?

Do you feel that you have not been listened to?

Are you committed to resolving the problem?

Our aim is to enable parties who are in dispute to work together to reach agreements by establishing understanding based on just listening and talking to each other.

We offer a free, impartial, confidential and independent service.

Mediation is entirely voluntary and not a legally binding process.

All parties have the right to seek independent legal advice.


What does MKCMS do?

We are involved in

Community Mediation – between neighbours, tenants and landlords, etc.

Consumer Mediation – between buyers and sellers

Workplace Mediation – between emp­loyees or employees and management

Peer Mediation – in schools

Giving Training – in conflict resolution skills

We train volunteers in mediation skills.  This means that our volunteers become highly skilled in helping people resolve disputes.

Mediators are a team of diverse women and men of mixed ages, cultures, origins, physical ability, sexuality and life experiences.  Click here to find out more.