Jeremy Turner – Artist’s biography and work

Jeremy Turner

Graduating as a sculptor in 1970, Jeremy started his woodcarving business in 1985. Since then, alongside his carved wood ware which he supplies to craft shops and sells at craft fairs, he has produced many public art commissions, such as relief panels and signage for schools, hospitals and care homes, and sculptural signs for villages and towns. Beside his workshop practice he has delivered projects with schools and adult groups, and currently teaches at Queens Park Art Centre, Aylesbury.

With relief carving he can unite picture making with the physical deliberateness of carving, and combine colour with the crisp use of light and shadow. The labour of it demands that concise drawing translates into images that are efficiently carveable.

Jeremy’s artwork for Gyosei

The Tatami Bench he has made for Site 2 of the Gyosei Art Trail derives its design from  the sculptural benches he made in 1999 for Woburn Safari Park. The oak posts and the head rail that tops them are vehicles for robustly carved relief images that all make reference to the wild life of the canal.

What has he included in the carving?
Fish, naturally: some coarse fish commonly found in the canal.
Then the familiar water birds: coot, moorhens, ducks, geese and swans.
Looking deeper, you can find not only water beetles and snails but all the micro life too: the insect larvae, diatoms, floral algae, hydra and amoebae.
Lastly, the flying insects that emerge from the water and the birds and bats that feed on them. Jeremy has left lots out, instead selecting the forms that are most visually interesting and achievable as arresting carved images.

Finally, to invest the sculpture with the Japanese connection, he invites visitors to rest,  relax and contemplate with carved Japanese characters.

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Tatami seat 3