“Apple Day is an annual celebration, held in October, of apples and orchards. It is celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom.

Apple Day was initiated by Common Ground in 1990 and has been celebrated in each subsequent year by people organizing hundreds of local events. Common Ground describe the day as a way of celebrating and demonstrating that variety and richness matter to a locality and that it is possible to effect change in your place. Common Ground has used the apple as a symbol of the physical, cultural and genetic diversity we should not let slip away. In linking particular apples with their place of origin, they hope that orchards will be recognized and conserved for their contribution to local distinctiveness, including the rich diversity of wild life they support.”  Source:  Wikipedia

Celebrate the apple with us at the Community Orchard, Loriner Place, Downs Barn on Sunday 21st October, 2018.  Bring along some apples to press and make juice, you’ll need a bottle to take it home.  Art table for the children.  Apple information – do you know one apple from the other?  Apple products to buy.

We do pick apples from the community to press on the day, the juice can be bought and the proceeds go to charity.