Another big thank you to everyone who took part in the Clean for the Queen activities on these estates.

Thank you to Milton Keynes District Reform Synagogue who provided the excellent venue for Giffard Park/Pennyland tidy up and the Giffard Park Scouts who turned out on Mothers Day to help tidy up their community.

Bolbeck Park and Pennyland also looking sparkly after a team turned out from the Parish Office.  Must say a thank you to Serco here who turned out to every event, picking up litter, collecting the sacks that volunteers left and providing their path cleaner – particularly useful on Neath Hill’s paths.

Lovat Fields at Willen Park – big thank you to Andy who allowed us to use a very comfortable room as our base.  A nice tidy estate but we still managed to get a few bags of litter.


Waiting for some more pics of the above events, watch this space, in the mean time here’s one of some of the goodies provided by Co-op at Neath Hill, Giffard Park and AG Barr (drinks) – great community spirit from these companies.