Great Linford Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting

Date:   Monday 8th May

Time:  7.30pm-9pm

Location:  GLPC Offices, Linford House, 1 St Leger Court, Great Linford, MK14 5HA

MK Council have made £111 million cuts.

In the Next 4 years there will be further cuts.

> The Annual Parish Meeting, is just that – a meeting of the Parish.

> Electors can express their concerns on local issues.

>If you have any concerns or wish to raise a matter, then come to have your say and see what else is happening in the Parish.

> If you are on the electoral role you may place an item on the agenda and address the meeting.

>Members of the Parish Council will be there to answer questions.

>What are your concerns for the community?

>What could we all do better?

>How do we work locally to solve this?